Tuesday 24 November 2020


For the duration of the government’s pleasure, there are no places of worship allowed to be open. Such is contrary to the terms of the Magna Carta, and initiates a dangerous precedent for future governments of all persuasions to close Churches on any pretense.

This is the second time this year, despite an agreement being tacitly arranged after the first shutdown, that if Churches did not take to the Courts, there would be no further closures.

Numerous Members of Parliament, including the previous Prime Minister, have called on the present Prime Minister, to abandon his action against Churches, but of course they are facing a man who has shown little understanding or sympathy for the Christian view, indeed has supported anti=Christian teaching.

The leaders of the Churches approached the government over such unilateral action, and seemed to have been summarily dismissed. It is only a short time ago that our leaders were  vigorously opposing government policy regarding their action on Brexit as not being moral, I wonder if they were as forceful in challenging on Church closure.

A group of Welsh pastors challenged their government, and as God’s law is superior to State law in Christian belief, in addition to the support of the Constitution of the Magna Carta, and the Public Health Act of 1984, they were entitled to do so.

The Queen, who is nominally head of the Church, in her Coronation oath, gave to the clergy authority to preserve the rights and privileges as do or shall appertain to them. The European Court of Human Rights also appears to contain against the government. In France the High Court ruled against closing their Churches, and the German Chancellor has not closed her country’s Churches.

The general tone of this government is to oppose all moral norms.  Having forced Northern Ireland to accept abortion and same sex marriage against its will, they have encouraged home abortions with disastrous consequences to some women; and since March of this year, there have been 110,000 abortions in this country.

In falsely claiming that allowing Churches to open it could lead to a spread of the virus, they have shown themselves disingenuous and duplicitous in their lies, as both Scientific and Medicinal Societies have stated there is no evidence to support this. Yet, at the same time they have opened the Universities, where there is the biggest incidence of the virus and the refusal of many students to obey the guidelines of the government.

There is a notable failure to stop the Church from opening for secular purposes, such as acting as foodbanks and other social activities, and whilst this is a notable and praiseworthy service by the Churches and people, there is inconsistency and bias on the part of the government

I would never at one time have believed a Conservative (named)Government of all Parties, would have acted in the manner this one has. However, Conservative does not appear to be the right word in this instance.

A few weeks past, the government ruled that people should not gather together, should distance 2 meters apart, and wear face masks. All such calling was ignored as crowds swarmed on central London in protest, and they all were allowed to carry on, (force of numbers).

I wonder what the outcome would have been if all Christians had took similar action and continued Church worship, and said as Joshua,’ as for me I will  follow the Lord’.

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