Wednesday 11 March 2020

Romans 5 1/11

Romans 5 v 1/11

In the previous chapters of Romans Paul has been explaining the need for justification (right with God, to be declared righteous in his sight) and the way of justification: justification by faith alone. Now Paul goes on to spell out what that means. Believers in Christ who are righteous in God’s sight have a certain hope of future glory and eternal life.

In v.1, Therefore, having been justified through faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have also gained access by faith in this grace in which we stand and exult in the hope of the glory of God.

Peace is something which all normal people long for, in the home, in our nation, and in the wider world.
Yet in each of those spheres there are those who revel in creating trouble, disturbance, and conflict. Daily we face the world being blown apart by maniacs acting irresponsibly to fulfil some (allegedly) religious purpose.  This is most potent in the hatred of Israel which some see as an affront to the map of that region, which would set the world aflame.

For every Christian a more personal and fundamental concern is to have peace with God, to be in a proper relationship with him, which we can only have if we have been cleansed of all sin, for God hates sin. He has provided a way for us to be made righteous in his sight through the death of Jesus on the Cross.

Peace means reconciliation with God. It was the blood of Christ which brought that reconciliation. The glory of God indicates the salvation God has in mind for those who trust him, we do not claim any part ourselves, we place all our confidence in God.

Paul states we rejoice in our suffering. It seems in the ordinary way of thinking to ask why should we be happy in suffering, because it brings out endurance, and shows strength of and character strengthens the confident hope of salvation.

Hope in the biblical means we place our trust; it is more than saying I hope it doesn’t rain, not knowing if it will or will not. Bible hope does not disappoint because God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Those who have been reconciled with God cherish the hope which is tied firmly to the throne of grace.

Paul says for a while we were powerless but Christ came at the right time to save us, whilst we were still in a sinful state. What Paul is saying is that God’s love as revealed by Jesus is unprecedented and unparalleled. And no merit from our side could have moved Christ to die for us, he died for us when we were still sinners at the appointed time decided by God.

Since we have been made right with God, the blood shed by Jesus will save us from God’s condemnation for God loves so much.

Paul argues from the greater to the lesser, and here he speaks in terms of reconciliation, the language of friendship rather than justification which suggests a legal term.  We are assured we will be saved on the day of reckoning, based on the resurrection of Christ where will be with Jesus

In the final verse he is saying Christians go beyond avoiding God’s wrath, we actually rejoice that the same God would have poured wrath on us were it not for Christ.

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