Thursday 23 January 2020

                    God’s Chosen People.

On Monday 27th January, it is International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorating the tragedy of the holocaust which occurred during the Second World War, and the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenhau camp.

The pictures we have seen will have brought tears to the hardest of hearts, and we particularly think of those few left still bearing the scars. It is beyond most peoples’ understanding how humans can treat fellow human beings so brutally.

The Jewish nation has given much to the world, but it appears the world has given mot so much in return.  Despite giving to the German nation money out of all proportion to their numbers in the 1930s, they were treated so badly and dispossessed of their possessions.

  God said,  I will gather you back from the nations where you have been scattered and I will give you the land of Israel once again.  They will truly be my people and I will be their God.’(Ezekiel 11 v 17)

Israel; why so much abuse?

Why is it so many people dislike and attack Jews and Israel without having any clear idea why they do so, and obviously know little or nothing about either?  This is especially exposed in the current Labour Party wrangle where extreme and vicious comments are being made and cheered on, and I am sure if challenged the people doing so would have no knowledge of Israel’s accomplishments or history. How many of the followers of Labour know one of the major influences of Socialism was a Jew?

There is constant criticism of Israel’s attitude to the Palestinians by Labour politicians, but they fail to tell many Palestinian workers are employed by Jewish traders and would be without means of living if otherwise unemployed.

As a consequence of such hostility and personal abuse on individual Jewish people by mindless people in this ‘me too’ generation, who just have to latch on to any craze of the moment, many Jews are preparing to leave this country of their birth which is regrettable and totally heartless. What kind of person throws eggs from a passing car at a Jewish woman, walking quietly along a street in Manchester?

Jewish children are being bombarded with unpleasant comments; imagine the uproar if this happened to Muslim children, which would have been equally offensive.

Israel does not pay huge sums of money to its people to go and kill non-Jews, but the Palestinian government pay well with money given for aid purposes by the United States, to any of its people who kill Jews.   

Even within the Church there are voices opposed to Jews with one Southern county Vicar regular pumping out vitriol which not only slanders Israel and its people, but shows how far off Christian charity and compassion he is.

Christians it must be remembered worship the God of Israel; we preach a Jewish Saviour Jesus, who was born of a Jewish woman; we read a holy book written by Jews; we follow teaching given by Apostles who were Jews. The destiny of Christians and Jews is to be one, as God said He would bring them finally together.

We must recognise therefore, there would not be any Church without Jewish participation.

Consider that Jewish medical teams were treating Syrian civil war victims, and when a British Minister appreciated the merciful compassion, directed foreign funds to help, she was dismissed from her Office. In fact, Israel sends medical teams out regularly into African nations to help them.

Happily, that Minister has now been elevated to one of the highest Government Offices of State, under a new Prime Minister.

Consider too the many inventions made by Jews over the years. Mobile phones, car engines, scientific formulae, vital medicines; when Israel became a State, they took over swamps and made them into fertile plains for fruit, tomatoes, and grapes. They have developed means of water purification to produce sufficient supplies for their land.

They have designed a dialysis machine which sis so small it can be carried around and used anywhere, yet the NHS in this country will not adopt it despite shortage of resources. If it was made by any other country it probably would be.

Millions of people have enjoyed entertainment provided by film studios created by Jewish men, and some of its leading ladies were Jewish women.

God promised to care for Israel and its people when they were faithful to Him. It is well for politicians to learn from history that it is unwise to turn their backs and attack Israel. When territorial and other disputes surface, our government rather tends to not support Israel.  However, a fascinating fact of history is that numerous British Prime Ministers who took sides against Israel, all subsequently suffered political defeat. Winston Churchill, Edward Heath and Anthony Eden, and most dramatically James Callaghan all learned. In 1979 as he faced a vote of no confidence in the House of Commons as leader of the Labour Party and was expected to win it, but on the night of voting it all went wrong and the Conservatives were in power for years.  Is that purely coincidental? Consider what happened to the leader of the Labour Party at the General Election this year; hostile anti-Jewish,  suffered a massive defeat.

If there is a feeling of self- righteousness amongst anti Israelis and such a feeling of hostility to Israel, why not take part in discussion instead of aggressive protests when Pro Israel meetings are held.

Any Bible believer must acknowledge God chose Israel as a special nation and stated he would defend it, and that has been shown.  Bearing in mind Israel has only to lose one war, yet it has faced constant attacks by a combination of nations and survived, captured the Golan heights when the enemy seemed in an impregnable position, suggests to any deep thinking person it must have had the support of more than national courage and ability; has anyone considered a divine presence?

A few short weeks ago a serious conflict broke out after Israel responded to persistent rocket attacks on the Southern part of the country from Palestinian territory.  Peace was eventually negotiated but already a leader of the Palestinian group Hamas has called for the removal of Israel and the establishment of the Palestinian capital in Jerusalem.
In 1993 Israel ceded the territory of Gaza to the Palestine
National Assembly following an agreement in Oslo, which was seen as a gesture of the desire for peace in the region.  Sadly, that was a bad move and has failed in the intention for there has been constant strife.

On 14th May 1948 the United Nations granted independence to Israel and the nation was born with its own distinctive ‘Star of David’ flag.  This fulfilled Biblical prophecy that God would bring His people home at last.  Ever since that time Israel has been under attack from hostile nations which surround this little country the size of Wales.  The nation has faced overwhelming forces and against such odds has fought off enemies in wars, which has resulted in a general consensus of opinion that God was certainly with them.  Anyone who challenges this should study the recapture of the Golan Heights, which was an achievement beyond human endeavour alone.

The significance of Israel in world affairs is immense in that the Bible story is based on Israel and Christianity begins and ends there.  Jesus was born there, (a Jew), our faith is based on a book written by 39 out of 40 writers who were Jewish, and our God is the God of Israel.
We must all desire to live alongside each other irrespective of race or creed, nothing can ever be gained by trying to blow each other apart. When trouble breaks out as it frequently does between Palestine and Israel, it is always the Jews who get the bad press, especially from the blinkered BBC. But it is not normally Israel who starts it by lobbing rockets over civilians, and by tempting Israel’s known culture of severe response, the nations whose stated aim is to wipe Israel off the map is self- defeating.

In Britain, during the repeated clashes between Palestine and Israel, the BBC has been less than impartial as prominence has been given to showing the damage caused by Israeli forces, without mentioning this was in response to attacks on its territory.  Palestinian spokesmen have been given air time to state their case, which has been subject to less severe interviewing than to the more measured tones of the Israeli spokesmen.
In numerous Biblical verses it is revealed that Israel was chosen by God, and whilst Jesus was sent to be the world’s Saviour, God has never abandoned His ancient people.

Let us not forget when Israel took over its traditional homeland, it was largely a swamp filled, untilled wasteland. Jewish settlers drained malaria infested grounds and made it a flourishing fruit and agricultural success, planting millions of trees. They can even grow tomatoes and fruit from sandy ground. Israel is not a fertile land, with having noriver within its boundaries water becomes a shortage, but such was their ingenuity they discovered how to convert sea water into use as normal water.

In the wider world Jews have excelled in science, medical finance, the arts, technology, and have a record number of Nobel prizes.

We must pray that both nations will strive to maintain a peace accord, but this can never happen if one party seeks to eliminate the other.  It is in the interests of each nation’s population to accept each other’s right to exist, even if they find it hard to be amicable about it.  How can life be pleasant for either nation if the threat of more violence is let loose on innocent people of each country?

Israel’s enemies have threatened to wipe Israel of the face of the map; with such vitriolic hatred how can there ever be peace. They have been attacked and suffered more than any other nation, and only seek peace, but are not allowed.

The Bible states, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalm 122 v6)

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