Wednesday 4 December 2019

We are living in very dangerous times

This United Kingdom has a history of its citizens being able to express their beliefs and opinions freely, provided of course they were not threatening. Now, unelected and unauthorized bodies have taken control by having activists forcing their own agenda upon unwilling people by threats. The causes range over so-called environment issues, abortion, LGBT.

Recent instances have been when London was held to ransom by a ‘green’ body, determined to force their views; by a disabled man sitting in a wheelchair quietly praying for unborn children not to be murdered before birth; and by LGBT insisting on all people and businesses supporting their views.

Can we not live and let live?  If someone has a different attitude, be tolerant to the extent you would expect them to be to you. This should be sufficient and acceptable to any Creed.

Three years ago, a man took a pay cut from his role as an Estates Manager at one of Cambridge University’s Colleges to work as a caretaker at the Isle of Ely Primary School on agreements that he would combine his work with his duties as a Pastor at an Independent Church. He was respected as being a school asset, with experience in gardening, enabling him to organize lessons for troubled pupils who were disruptive, and he was qualified in fire safety policies.

On 1st June he wrote on a twitter account that ‘Gay Pride’ events were not aligned with biblical teaching and were harmful to children, so he advised so people should steer clear.

Within minutes of sending the tweet a journalist and LGBT advocate accused him of attacking LGBT people. When he refused to remove the tweet, another journalist visited him and he became front page news on the local paper.

This was followed by visits from funeral directors to arrange his funeral, estate agents to sell his home, accusations he was a child molester, and knocked off his bicycle by a woman driving a car.  Finally, for his family and friends’ sake, he deleted the post.

Ultimately, he was forced to resign his job, and is now pursuing a claim for unfair dismissal supported by Christian (Concern) Legal Centre.

How individuals live their lives is entirely a personal decision. Each person is given free will by God and will answer to Him one day, and in  the meantime, it is to be left to God. Other people may condemn the sin, whatever that may be from sexual and moral activity, to gossip, lying, being unkind and other misdemeanours, but not the sinner.
However, activists cannot accept other people may feel and believe differently, and such is the intolerance against tolerance for other people, that no other opinion must be allowed, and any expressed must be expunged and the person or businesses which have those views penalized. The following story reveals how far things have got out of reasonable control.

This cannot be fair, or excused, it is cruel. People on all sides must be treated fairly and equally; and ironically, activists lose support and defeat their own cause by such total intolerance.

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