Monday 7 October 2019

United Kingdom speech suppression (2)
Please read this story of what is actually happening in England today. Such is worthy in any totalitarian State and one can only wonder why such teachers are not investigated for child cruelty. Two young children taken from their classroom and made to sit alone for five hours then banned from the school for five days because they did not want to hear teaching of homosexuality, and were called a disgrace by the headteacher.

Kaysey and Farrell were in Year 5 at Heavers Farm school. During yet another LGBT-themed lesson, they asked to be excused. A conversation with their teacher about LGBT issues followed. From there things escalated. The children were labelled 'a disgrace to the school' by the headteacher in front of the class, then interrogated in separate rooms, made to sit in isolation for five hours, and later excluded for five days - a punishment usually reserved for pupils who have assaulted a teacher.

That is a lot to bear when you are just ten years old. And it's a lot to bear if you are a parent of a ten-year-old.

It is a stark picture of the times we're living in. But with the sexualisation agenda sweeping through schools, and the government introducing compulsory Relationships Education in primary schools from next year, this could be just the beginning. Children need to be taught the alternative - God's beautiful pattern for marriage and family.

And we need to be ready to stand with the next Kaysey and Farrell, and their families, in their time of need.

 Christian Concern Legal Team are helping Kaysey and Farrell's families challenge the decision to exclude them, and over the summer have been hard at work to make sure that these precious children have safe places to continue their education, away from this intolerant agenda.
Kaysey explained how far the school went - even showing pupils a video of an 11-year-old boy having surgery to 'become a girl':

"The teacher was teaching us that if you don’t feel comfortable of the way you are, you could always change yourself."

Kaysey described how upset and disturbed the children were by the video and explained that the teacher had to turn it off.

After her exclusion she explained:

"I’m not a bad child. I’m trying to speak up for what is right because I think what my headteacher is doing is wrong."

But Kaysey's school is not alone - sexual chaos is being taught at other schools too. For example, hundreds of schools are using material that teaches six-year-olds about 'self-stimulation'. This is the view of the world that children are being presented with.

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