Wednesday 21 August 2019

                      Christian Concern.
( Each week this page will relate stories telling of spiritual abuses in this country, in which Christians have experienced some form of harassment or discrimination. In most incidents quoted, the injured party will be represented and defended by Christian Concern, a legal defence team, which is NOT supported by public funds)

It was revealed that the National Secular Society is trying to remove Christian representation in schools, despite the fact that Christians have been at the forefront of schooling and education, and places in Church schools are eagerly sought after because of their excellence.
The Society wrote to every Scottish Council asking them to place this suggestion into operation, and two have already done so and others are expected to do so. Scotland has previously supported anti Christian campaigns.
The Director of the LGBT campaign group in Scotland has said they will campaign until every lesbian, gay, bi sexual, and trans is accepted.  There is no sign that everyone in Scotland is willing to be forced into approving alternative sexuality; 21 per cent of Scottish are not so open minded into accepting persons of that nature. That 21% will soon find out the current defintion of tolerance and how little concern there is for freedom of thought and speech.

Libraries Unlimited boasted of its serious commitment to safety of children after a recent case in which children were banned from attending a library because they sang about God.  There does not however be much consistency for a video emerged of a man in women’s clothing teaching young children during a drag queen story in a Devon library how to twerk’. The Oxford Dictionary defines this as dancing in ‘a sexually provocative manner.’  Don’t hold your breath to see an apology or admission of bad taste.

A bus driver in Norwich was suspended after a complaint was made that he refused to drive a bus on which the route number was displayed in LGBT colours, as it offended his beliefs. The bus company meekly made an apology in addition to suspending the driver, which suggests a total betrayal of an employee.  What about the rights of the driver, and why were such colours used in the first place.

An LGBT activist who sought to have an Ulster bakery bake a cake on which was placed a call to support same sex marriage, was supported by the zealots of the Northern Ireland Equality Affairs Commission at a cost of thousands of pounds of public money through the Courts on a charge of discrimination when the bakery refused to place such a slogan on the grounds of religious beliefs,even though same sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland. The case was unanimously dismissed by the judges on the Supreme Court, but he is now pursuing the matter through the European Court of Human Rights, and again he will no doubt be supported by public funds whilst the bakery is being forced to pay its own costs; AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO CALL THIS JUSTICE. Another reason to support  Brexit.

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