Tuesday 23 July 2019

I attach of the latest news release of Christian Concern, the legal team which represents Christians who experience problems because of their belief.

I suggest this is one of the most deplorable situations of the many disgusting experiences our young children are facing from head teachers in our primary schools.

Remember it was a woman who a Prime Minister told us regularly she was a Vicar’s daughter and had herself photographed leaving Church each Sunday who authorized the teaching of such explicit subjects, and notice the deafening silence of the Churches

Children excluded for opposing LGBT lessons in schools

A ten-year-old has taken a stand against the growing LGBT agenda in the classroom

They say that lightning never strikes twice, but at Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, South London, it has.

As parental protests against the introduction of LGBT lessons in schools sweep across the country, the Christian Legal Centre has started supporting a courageous 10-year-old and her mother who are taking a stand against a school that is seeking to eradicate any opposition to its LGBT agenda.

Video shown of 11-year-old getting implants

You may remember the case of Izzy Montague, whose four-year-old son was last year forced, against her wishes, to take part in a Gay Pride parade at the same school. In a story that captured national media attention, her son was subsequently bullied by members of staff and Izzy was forced to move him to a different school. Other parents also protested, but were ignored and silenced.

That same 'Gay Pride month' in 2018, Christian pupil, Kaysey Francis-Austin, and her year 4 class were also take part in LGBT lessons. One lesson was based on themes of transgenderism. Shockingly, the class was shown a video about an 11-year-old child who wanted to transition from a boy to a girl by undergoing surgery.Kaysey has spoken about how upset and disturbed the children in the class were while watching the video, to the extent that an embarrassed teacher had to turn it off. Troublingly, the school failed to mention that the same transgender child, years later, had to be rushed to hospital after surgical complications as a result of getting implants. 

LGBT maths problem solving lessons

Kaysey's mum, Karen, raised concerns with the teacher and headteacher, Susan Papas. But a year on, instead of listening, Papas has gone to even greater and disturbing lengths to eradicate opposition to the LGBT agenda in the school.

This began again in June during 'Gay Pride month' when LGBT themes began permeating the whole school. Kaysey and her classmates have had to do rainbow colouring art lessons, maths lessons with LGBT problem-solving themes, and English lessons that involve writing to MPs saying that people should be encouraged to 'come out.' They have also had to read and watch a number of children's stories which encourage and normalise same-sex relationships and transgenderism, for example 'Tango Makes Three.'

Watch 10-year-old Kaysey Francis-Austin talk about the negative impact LGBT lessons are having on children

"They are trying to confuse children"

Kaysey, whose favourite subject is maths, has described the lessons as "weird" "forced" and '"boring", and said that requests not to take part in the lessons had been denied. In one class, Kaysey was sitting next to her friend Farrell when he was alleged to have said: “LGBT sucks and LGBT’s dumb." He denies this. A conversation ensued which resulted in the teacher asking Farrell and Kaysey if they wanted LGBT people to die. They said that they didn’t, but added that in their countries of family origin people would be punished for being gay. 
After being quickly informed, headteacher Susan Papas came into the classroom and shouted at Kaysey and Farrell calling them “a disappointment to the school.” Papas then interrogated them in separate rooms, accusing Kaysey of saying she wanted to kill LGBT people. Confused and shocked, both children were kept in isolation for five hours without their parents being informed, until they were allowed to go home in tears. 

Child's church reported for hate crime

A timeline of events produced by headteacher Susan Papas in which she notes reporting one of the churches the children attend for a hate crime.

Despite this, both children were then unlawfully excluded for five days, a punishment usually reserved for a pupil who has assaulted a teacher. During this time, the parents requested to see their children's written 'confessions' , only to be sent a vague, incomplete and threatening timeline of events produced by the headteacher. This included details of the headteacher contacting the police, social services, the government's counter-terrorism body, and reporting the church that one of families go to for a hate crime (see image above); the implication being that the Biblical teaching of the church was the source of the alleged anti-LGBT behaviour.

When Kaysey returned to the school after the exclusion, she was heartbroken to discover that the headteacher had told her peers not to speak to her, and the star pupil, described in her report as being "a delight to have in class,"  was now treated as a danger to other children.

The Christian Legal Centre was contacted and a complaint has now been lodged with the local authority against the headteacher for unlawfully excluding the children. Despite all the threats and upset, Kaysey and her mother are even more determined to continue to take a stand. 

"Children treated like terrorists"

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said:

"My hope is this case will get people and particularly church leaders to see the gravity of the situation we face. What kind of society are we living in when a headteacher - whose job it is to look after and teach young children - is reporting their alleged words to social services, the government's counter-terrorism body and the police. Ten-year-old children are being treated like terrorists.

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