Saturday 3 February 2018

U.K v U.S.A

The United Kingdom has a long history of being a Christian country extending back hundreds of years, and for a lot of those years was a missionary source to other nations. One notable source was to our great friends and allies the United States of America, which was a beneficiary of British Christians who crossed the seas to establish a firm Christian base, out of which developed a great nation under God and whose motto remains, ‘in God we trust’.

Over the years led by the founding fathers who created a Constitution, often described as a masterpiece for government, and continued by Presidents from George Washington downwards, it has been and still is a great force for Christianity around the world, having a large evangelical presence. We remember with fondness that the greatest preacher in Christian history came from North Carolina in Billy Graham, as well as numerous others.

How sad that our two countries, which were over many years governed by men with strong Christian faith which they openly confessed, were in recent years supplanted by political pygmies in Obama and Cameron who were so ready to challenge and change what we hold dear.

Our two countries are now facing an unprecedented assault on the Christian faith by a thinly veiled agenda from secular bodies, left wing politicians, and factional lobbies, to annihilate our faith from the political arena and silence our voice.

I have quoted in a previous post the different approach between our two countries in the political world when a few weeks ago a Senator returned to the United States Congress following an absence caused by a Democratic activist who shot the Senator whilst engaged in a Republican v Democrat baseball game. The Senator responding to a welcome stated how he had trusted in God answering his prayers, and was applauded by members. He then referred to the prayerful support he had received from them and was further applauded.

Can anyone possibly imagine such an event like that happening in the Houses of Parliament in this country? Most people and members of Parliament would be horrified at the very thought of ‘doing God’; we would be getting told how dreadful it was and how offensive to members of other faiths and atheists and transgender people, etc and etc.

The difference was recently displayed further when we read of the new President Trump guaranteeing Christians the rights of their Constitution to freely express their religious beliefs when such rights were not safe under his predecessor.

President Trump recently stated, ‘ no American whether a Nun, nurse, baker, or business owner should be forced to choose between the tenets of faith and adherence to the law, exposing the outrageous examples where a baker and florist and other business owners were set up by LGBT activists who could have gone to other outlets but deliberately chose Christian businesses knowing under Obama law they could publicise their cause and win damages. In effect the activists caused unpleasant reaction and discomfort to their ordinary supporters who just wanted to privately get on with their lives and not intrude on other people. Catholic Churches were obliged also under Obama to provide free contraceptives to women when it was an affront to their belief.

Unfortunately we do not have anyone on the political scene in Britain who has such belief and courage to speak so forcefully for Christians. The leader of the Liberal Democrat party was forced out of Office because of his openly professed faith, even falling foul of his own members.

We have a Prime Minister whom we are regularly told is the daughter of a (late) Vicar and regularly attends Church, yet supports an education policy which challenges children of five years as to whether they think they are of the right gender, and causes alternative lifestyles of sexuality to be taught as part of a school curriculum.

Now we have the Chief Inspector of Schools telling us she thinks religious beliefs should not be taught as it leads to extremism, without defining exactly what she had in mind, which points to a euphemistic way of attacking evangelical Christianity. Teachers are being forced to teach what many will find to be offensive to them.

We also have business owners, service providers, street preachers, private citizen using social media all suffering sanctions, losing jobs getting arrested, thrown off university courses, even being taken to Court where one Court ruled quoting the King James Version of the Bible was criminally offensive.

We have reached the ultimate in Church apostasy this week when the Bishops of the Church of England issued a statement declaring the Church welcomes all those who have decided to change their gender. Point 4 in the bishops’ update also contains an emphasised passage, which refers to gender transition as a “moment of personal renewal”. Gender transition is actually a moment of personal rebellion against the way the person has been made by God. It is therefore a moment of personal rebellion against God. This should not be celebrated or marked by the church at all, let alone described as a “moment of personal renewal.”

Could we in the UK borrow President Trunp to sort things out here?

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