Thursday 2 November 2017

A few weeks ago a Senator returned to the United States Congress following an absence caused by a Democratic activist who shot the Senator whilst engaged in a Republican v Democrat baseball game. The Senator responding to a welcome stated how he had trusted in God answering his prayers, and was applauded by members. He then referred to the prayerful support he had received from them and was further applauded.

Can anyone in this country possibly imagine such an event like that happening in the Houses of Parliament in this country? Most people and members of Parliament would be horrified at the very thought of ‘doing God’; we would be getting told how dreadful it was and how offensive to members of other faiths and atheists and transgender people, etc and etc.

A young idealistic Vicar, (and I suggest an ambitious one) has just banned the singing of Onward Christian soldiers in his Church building on Remembrance Sunday, as it might offend non Christians. I would have thought that would be a good thing to remind them we are a Christian country, but with silly little men like him we soon will not be. Men (and women) died to make it possible to sing such hymns, and to make it possible for people to make idiotic statements.

I thought when we got rid of David Cameron a little more common sense would prevail on the moral side, but I read the new Prime Minister Theresa May has decreed children of tender age are to be given lessons on same sex marriage and homosexuality with the parents prevented from withdrawing them from such lessons. I would have thought dive years old are too young to confuse them with any sexual lessons.

There was a report published recently which referred to the fact that black pupils were not getting the same opportunities as white ones.
At the same time a personable young black student at Sheffield University who was studying social science to fulfil his ambition to be a social worker, was dismissed from his course. His offence was that on his private facebook page, he just said he thought marriage should be between a man and a woman. He did not condemn or say anything offensive, nor did he disclose where he was studying; but merely because that was his sincerely held religious belief. his career was effectivley ended. To exacerbate the situation, the person sitting in judgement on the University panel was an LGBT activist, who did not declare her interest.

On appeal to the High Court another woman Judge, dismissed his appeal thereby indicating a Christian cannot enjoy free speech. How do you think the University would have acted if a Muslim student had made an identical statement?

So a parent cannot express a preference for their child being given lessons which might be offensive to them, and some intellectual can decide whether a student can study to be a social worker.

I have read that President Trump has rescinded much of the damage done by his predecessor, and restored some traditional teaching. Could we borrow him for a period to put this country on a responsible course?

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