Wednesday 18 October 2017

What an unpleasant world we are living in, so much hypocrisy and urge of people to slur those no longer in this world and so unable to defend themselves. Are the police encouraging this by their enthusiasm in pursuing them?

The Chief Constable of Wiltshire has spent a lot money on investigating allegations against an ex Prime Minister, irrespective of the effect it will have on active (live) policing, and to what effect? Nasty suggestions, which cannot be proved or disproved, are being levelled against a dead man. Why were they not made when he was able to defend himself? How reliable are the alleged victims?

Having one dead Bishop castigated as a villain and predator, which could be but may not be true, we now have another Bishop named across the newspapers as an abuser of men and women. I knew Bishop Whitsey, he was my bishop and I found him to be a kind, considerate, understanding man, who was also a polite and courteous man.

I met him on numerous occasions and find it hard to believe the alleged crimes he is now accused of THIRTY years after his death. I know fellow clergymen who would confirm his concern for any of his clergy and would always be ready to visit any of them who were taken ill or had a problem. I have read the words of one of his accusers and am not impressed. He states he is mentally affected twenty years after meeting the bishop, and his desired career was abandoned because of the experience, I think this raises the question would he ever have been suitable for the ministry when one considers what he would have had to meet up with.

If the police in Cheshire can devote 13 months into investigating this matter, it would be most interesting to note the real crime statistics.

It is all so easy for example to take the putting of an arm around a shoulder as a friendly gesture of concern,and turn it into an allegation of abuse.

I think it all rather disgusting and tawdry and I am surprised leading clergy are rushing to apologise beforeany guilt established. If it takes all this time to get upset, then one must wonder on the credibility of the amount of stress suffered. We have all been young at one time, but most of us would have reacted positively if anyone laid an improper hand on us; we certainly would never have considered making allegations against the dead.

Remember how many mocked Cliff Richards who suffered real distress when he was so publicly named by an accuser thirty years later after an alleged assault. The police had to shamefully back off for lack of any evidence.

I will be amazed if the police can establish anything improper about Victor Whitsey. He was known as a man’s man, achieved high military rank prior to ministry, and until proved to be true surely honour and fidelity requires no condemnation.

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