Wednesday 9 August 2017

If you have kindly turned to this post, I beg you to read fully so as to understand just what is happening morally and unjustly in this country

This country was once an undivided Christian country; we exercised tolerance and were guided by the Bible for morality, spirituality, and general ways of behaving in society.

In recent times what is very much missing from our national life is tolerance. Tolerance has now come to mean if you disagree with what we say and want, you are intolerant. This attitude has been adopted by what is called ‘the gay community’. People cannot express their disapproval and to do so is to leave one open to prosecution for a hate crime. This a legacy of the David Cameron time as Prime Minister after he lied prior to the election qwhen he said he had not intention of granting same sex marriage.

The situation has been taken advantage of and we now have the unbelievable and incredulous proposal to allow a man to declare himself a woman on a whim. Where is the aggressive female lobby now; so far there has been no word.?

Our entertainment is littered with scenes mocking the Church for its stance of being able to opt out of performing such ceremonies, and now member of the government are suggesting this concession should be stopped. Vociferous in this is the Education Secretary who also holds the position of equalities Minister and who has declared herself as ‘gay’ and in relationship with an activist. This is when the country which one held a high place on the world’s education ratings, under her ministry we are 18th. As commentators have remarked she should look at her priorities. Regrettably the Prime Minister who is the daughter of a Vicar (now deceased) has expressed a similar view. I thought once we had got rid of Cameron things would visibly improve, but that has been wishful thinking.

Please look at a small list of examples of injustice which follows

Richard Paige was dismissed from the Magistracy and later the NHS, for expressing during an adoption case that whenever possible, it was in the best interests of a child to be placed with a mother and father. Commenting on the hearing, Richard said: "My desire to do the best for the child has been the paramount consideration throughout my time as a magistrate on the family panel. Yet by living out this belief, I have been drawn into a much bigger battle about my freedom, and the freedom of Christians more broadly, to express Biblical truth in the public square

Barry Trayhorn, was a prison chaplain who was forced to resign after receiving a hostile response when he spoke in a chapel service on 1 Corinthians 6, He lost his appeal against an Employment Tribunal ruling, that he was not discriminated against because of his Christian faith It was ruled he should not have quoted that verse from the Bible. Barry's case sets a dangerous precedent for the freedom to preach from the Bible. This prison holds criminal men, who whilst having the rights of all people, are not likely to be over sensitive to a Bible verse.

Aisling Hubert, was punished for seeking justice for preborn baby girls, She attempted to bring a private prosecution against doctors to stop abortions based on gender. The Public Prosecution Service prevented her case proceeding and declined to do so themselves.

Victoria Wasteney, was suspended and disciplined for sharing the gospel with a Muslim colleague she believed to be a friend, who in fact sought Victoria’s advice and offered no objection at the time.

he National Trust has banned all volunteers at one of its properties from meeting and greeting guests unless they wear an LGBT symbol. Senior staff at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk wrote to volunteers asking them to wear a 'rainbow' lanyard or badge. So far, at least ten volunteers have resisted pressure to wear the symbol and have been relegated to backroom chores. One volunteer said that it was "abhorrent" for the National Trust to act in this way. Due to the national outcry that order has now been rescinded.

Eleven inmates at Littlehey Prison - a prison for sex offenders - are waiting for 'sex change' operationsthat are to be funded on the NHS, costing the taxpayer £110,000. I have no doubt this will be granted, whilst some cancer patients, notably women, have been denied life enhancing drugs on the grounds of ‘costs’.

Felix Ngole is a Christian student who has been removed from his university social work course after he made comments on his personal Facebook page in support of biblical teaching on marriage and sexual ethics. Felix was told that, by posting his comments on Facebook, he "may have caused offence to some individuals" and had "transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the Social Work profession."

Gary McFarlane, a relationship counsellor from Bristol, was dismissed for gross misconduct by Relate after he refused to confirm that he would provide directive sex therapy to homosexual couples due to his religious beliefs. Mr McFarlane had never refused to provide sex therapy to a ‘live couple’ but had told his managers that if the issue arose he would discuss it with them. The Employment Tribunal held that he had not been discriminated against on the basis of his faith. His case will now be heard by the European Court of Human Rights.

Mike Overed, together with another street preacher, Michael Stockwell, has been convicted of a 'religiously aggravated' public order offence, following their arrest in July 2016. He and his friends had been preaching in a Bristol shopping area and responding to questions, objections and abuse. They had been using the King James Version of the Bible and the prosecutor told the court some of the statements made by the preachers may have been in the King James Bible, translated in 1611, but that did not mean they were acceptable in 2016. The Appeal Court fortunately took a different view and the fines of £2000 each and the conviction was quashed

23 CofE members including Dr. Gavin Ashenden, Andrea Williams and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, have published an open letter in the Telegraph warning of a possible CofE split following "recent actions in the General Synod in pursuit of a culture that denies biblical ethics." It concludes by raising the prospect of a split. Dr. Ashenden told the Telegraph that the Archbishop risks a "revolt in the form of an independence movement", unless he upholds biblical teaching. This occurred when Andrea Williams, who as Chief Executive of Christian Concern the legal defence team for Christians, proposed a motion at Synod calling for society’s ethics to be based on bible teaching. The Arch bishop of York followed and called for Andrea’s motion to be defeated and all the sycophants impressed by an Archbishop, who incidentally was supported by the Arch bishop of Canterbury.

A parochial church council (PCC) has called on the Archbishop of York to repent, following his rejection of Scripture at Synod earlier this month. In a statement, the PCC of St John, Newland, (Diocese of York) said it has "been grieved" by the "appalling manner in which those who hold to the teachings of Jesus have been ridiculed, mocked and scorned,"

In addition to Churches in Canada and America, the Scottish Episcopal Church has now performed a same sex marriage in a Church in Edinburgh . In view of its limited size there would normally be little notice taken of any decision it made, but now it will benefit from couples going there from England , where despite pressure from some bishops and clergy, such action against bible teaching has not been allowed.

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