Wednesday 1 March 2017

For you CREATED my inmost being; you knit me together
in my mother’s womb. (Psalm 139, v13).

The baby in my womb LEAPED for joy. (Luke 1 v 44)

The clear teaching of these verses from Scripture, is that a child is a human being ‘in the mother’s womb’.
Abortion has been a leading topic in the United States political arena and during the discussions the case of Roe v Wade has been much used. I wonder how many Americans know the real facts of this case, especially those in favour of abortion.

It appears people like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and many of their supporters, believe a child is not alive until it comes into the physical world; but any Christian or person who believes the Bible is God’s Word, will find such political statements and unqualified support for abortion unacceptable.

A more understanding and tolerant view would however accept in some circumstances, such as the mother’s health, a serious likely deformity with the child, or in cases of rape, abortion might be justified.

The United States Supreme Court heard the case of Roe vWade after it was referred there from the Texas Court in 1973 and has caused controversy ever since and resulted in 57 million abortions in the intervening period. It was amazing that 9 men and women who one could expect to be at the top of their profession and to be of high intelligence, could have been so deluded into making the decisions which they did.

Jane Roe was the woman involved, and Wade was the name of the Attorney General of Texas at Dallas. Roe’s real name was Norma McCorvey, a 21 years old mother of two children, both of whom she placed for adoption, and was pregnant for the third time. She began looking for abortion which was then illegal, but she was referred to two women lawyers in Dallas who were looking to use some woman to challenge the illegality.

It has been stated that McCorvey did not understand what abortion entailed, and was led to believe it was just like having a normal period rather than the destruction of a life. She is said to have signed an affidavit without knowing what she was signing, and was not further seen by her lawyers who took the case to Court and it was heard without McCorvey having to attend. In fact, she heard no more until she read in a newspaper the outcome of the case. She was in fact being used by the lawyers for their own purposes.

The decision meant that only in the United States and Canada was abortion allowed at any time of a pregnancy.
In fact, McCorvey gave birth to her third child before the case ended, and this was also placed for adoption.

She began a relationship with another woman so that further pregnancies did not occur, and subsequently worked in abortion clinics where she often consoled women going through the operations.

In 1995 she realised the effect her case had made on society, and at that time met two parents and their charming little girl with whom she became friendly and began attending Church. There the Christian gospel was told to her and she was converted to the Christian faith.

57 million abortions is a great amount of life destroying action for a nation which claims to be a nation ‘under God’; yet we do not hear the same protests from the feminist lobby which is so voluble in attacking a democratically elected President.

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