Tuesday 31 January 2017

We are being told constantly on television how the number of people signing the anti Trump petition is growing by the minute. Anyone who takes this number seriously is either deluded or naïve. Previous petitions have been found to be signed fictitiously or by repeated signatories.

Jeremy Corbyn and the rather asinine Tim Farron, are two leaders of great political parties of the past, whose previous more notable predecessors would be turning in their graves if they could see the hypocrisy and witless fatuity now being put forward in the parties names.

We hear calls for the visit of Donald Trump to be cancelled amid crocodile tears for the Queen, when Corbyn could not bring himself to acknowledge when the national anthem was played. Where were Corbyn and Farron when calls were being made for Israeli goods to be boycotted? When rockets were being fired on Israeli villages? Why were foreign terrorist leaders invited to speak in London by Labour leaders, yet a man only concerned to fight against terror is so bitterly opposed?

We have had world leaders from all over the world come to London, and been presented to the Queen; some have been from countries with appalling human rights records, yet without protest of any size. Trump’s actions in being more to the right of politics, and being opposed to abortion, gay rights, and doubts about climate change, are the worst subjects to so many (il)liberal minds. They just can’t get their heads around the fact that after the liberal disaster of the Obama years, the normal ordinary man and woman rejoice in having someone with a more natural outlook.

Trump made explicitly clear in his campaign for election what his policies would be, and the American people hugely voted for him. Any action now against him should be left to the American people, and we should support and commend Theresa May for her diplomatic skill. We must remember that whilst he may not be the ideal candidate for the Presidency that many would wish, we can be consoled when we think what the alternative was.

I read that women bishops and priests have joined the protests, although there was not much protest when marriage was redefined; at the number of teenage pregnancies; the massive killing of unborn children in the abortion clinics in America and Africa by Marie Stopes International, who have received £91 million in the past two years from the United Kingdom government, and whose Chief Executive director is stated to have been paid £420, 755 salary. Nor at all the young women being sold as sex slaves in Islamic nations; or of the beheading of Christians. No protest yet about men who think they are a woman can be Girl Guide leaders.

Emotional outrage is obviously a selective one with equality being graded, according to which will get the most attention in the media and the BBC, which has excelled itself in bias at the present time.

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