Monday 7 November 2016

So our American cousins are going to the polls tomorrow. They have probably the worst choice of candidates ever put forward for their beloved Presidency.

If anyone thinks we have problems in this country over Brexit, they ought to look at present America. We got rid of a liar and cheat and replaced him with a true Christian and Conservative lady, who appears to be doing well, showing the integrity we lost under her predecessor.

Some weeks ago we were told that Clinton had been let off for what was euphemistically named careless handling of her emails, 30,000 having gone missing in addition. This was after her husband had ‘accidentally’ bumped into the Attorney General at an airport. Then last week it was reported the Director of the FBI had re-opened the investigation following the discovery of 650,000 emails on a server somewhat connected to Clinton’s computer. We were reliably informed that the determination of this would take weeks to resolve, which was well after the election result. Now we are told they are all clear and no action is needed. In other words, we are expected to believe they have got through reading 650,000 emails in such a record time. Are we all considered to be stupid or na├»ve?

Of course Trump is hardly what one would expect to be Presidential material, especially when there were so many excellent Governors who sought the candidacy. But I believe Trump would be more reasonable to control than Clinton who seems to have such a high impression of her own capabilities despite having notable record of success in her previous actions.

It looks as if the Republican hierarchy may have lost the White House, and I hear Congress may be at risk, but they have only themselves to blame for such arrogant hypocrisy. They did nothing to stop Trump for representing the Republicans, and yet they refuse to vote or support him, which is shameful.

Surely the American people at large won’t put Clinton in the White House. If they do they will need to sing God bless America more forcefully than they have ever done.

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