Thursday 27 October 2016

God save America
I have long been fond of the United States, I admire-
the many Evangelical Churches which are available to be viewed here in the United Kingdom by television, to which I listen.
Of the thousands of hits on this site, 90% have been from the United States. ( Sadly, I am unaware as to whereabouts in the States the people live who kindly read the posts, perhaps one day someone will let me know.)

Unlike in the United Kingdom where it is frowned upon by some authorities to fly the Union flag, or the English flag, but not however the Scottish or Welsh for some twisted reasoning, the Americans love their flag and proudly display on every possible occasion.

Like many people in the U.K. I have been following the election with interest, perhaps with more than the casual approach others may have, for I fear as I anticipate many Americans will, if the wrong candidate wins. So much depends on the future for Christians with Supreme Court Judges to be appointed, for we have seen how the balance now lies with the liberal minded ones, resulting in many devoted Christians being forced to either abandon their beliefs or their livelihood.

I cannot therefore imagine why so many are reportedly considering voting for Clinton.

President Obama’s terms produced a new morality having introduced same sex marriage, and such is the influence of the so-call ‘gay lobby’, whilst people may adopt a live and let live policy, such is not enough; the agenda is being forced upon all to accept whatever is wanted by that lobby. In addition there is massive support for abortion; and it was planned for firms, including religious institutions, to be made to supply free contraception facilities to all employers. Clinton would only be worse.

Donald Trump is obviously not the ideal opponent, but he is the only one. He has been rightly condemned for some past remarks, but I wonder how many American men are in a position to say they have never said unpleasant remarks about women. (Perhaps it would help people to read Dolly Kyle’s account of Clinton’s behaviour towards other women who had affairs with her husband.)

It all seems hypocritical for every American drama programme I have seen contains the necessary sex scene, often very explicit, and some programmes from here to the USA have to have such a scene added to the British version.

I am sure Trump would cool down and have to assist him very competent men and women in executive positions. I recommend anyone in doubt to turn to the programme on CBN’s 700 Club on Monday 24th October, available on their website, and see how much sense he spoke, and of his more balanced and conservative views.

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