Sunday 28 August 2016

Ten Commandments.

It is largely forgotten in our predominantly secular society that the law of this nation, and that of our American cousins, were built on the Commandments. They guide us on our duty to God and society. Field Marshal Montgomery once said, ‘God spoke these words and I agree with Him.’ (and I agree with him).

Shortly after God brought the people of Israel out of Egypt God called Moses to the top of Mount Sinai and gave him these Commandments, which God intended should be the spiritual and moral absolutes for His people. They give us rules for basic behaviour, and guidance to holiness. We live in a society which desperately needs to be reminded of right and wrong, but at present right and wrong is what is according to one’s own standards rather than God’s standard.

A number of years ago workmen were demolishing a church building and had instructions to preserve anything of value. One of the men found a tablet bearing the Commandments and asked if that should be kept. The foreman said they shouldn’t as they don’t count anymore. He was in fact reflecting society’s attitude that we don’t have to be told how to behave, which is why we are in such an awful state in this country, where all tradition al values have been cast aside.

I find it both sad and tragic that in America a largely out of control Civil Liberties Union is persuading liberal judges to ban the display of the Commandments in public places. When that great nation was founded the Christian faith was in the hearts of the religiously minded men who framed the Constitution and created that noble phrase, ‘in God we trust’, which politicians in this country do not have the courage to use. The Commandments are in the Supreme Court building and in Capitol Hill, why not in State buildings.

Ours is a permissive society which does not like authority and is besotted with a human rights mindset. Police have given up enforcing many of our laws and are encouraged to do so, unless of course it is some suspected obscure act of discrimination that can be detected.

When a young person leaves home for college a responsible parent will give guidance as to all the temptations they might face and warn them to avoid. This is what our heavenly Father is doing for us when He laid out the Commandments. Very few can name the ten, so without cheating try yourself to name them. Many people like to treat them like questions on an examination paper, try any four out of ten. But you cannot do that, they are like a chain which when you break a link the whole chain is broken. Break one and you have broken the lot.

People nowadays want relative morality with no absolutes so they enjoy things they were not meant to. No stealing, but the odd product from work doesn’t count; or believing it is acceptable to take the odd thing from one of the big shops which make so much money; and be quite ready to cheat the benefit system out of thousands of pounds. No killing, but kill a person’s reputation without foundation based on hearsay. No adultery, but the odd affair won’t hurt if not found out.

I am bemused when people start using the term ‘old fashioned’ in a scornful manner. I see not a lot to be proud of in our ‘new fashioned’ society. Highest numbers of abortions, (an alternative way of murder) highest number of teenage pregnancies, highest rate of alcoholism; highest rate of unsociable behaviour—of all European countries. The only thing we are lowest at is Church attendance.

Since the abolition of capital punishment (which is justified in the Bible) murder has become just another crime. Some fashion. A person can commit murder and serve a nominal prison sentence. When capital punishment was abandoned it was said that a life sentence would be mandatory and mean life, but like many political promises was made without intention of it being so. (I cannot understand why so little thought is given to feeling of the relatives of those whose loved ones have been needlessly killed.)

In Jewish homes children are taught the Commandments at an early age and learn on their ten fingers. I wonder how many children are taught in the homes of our nation (you could probably count the number on five fingers), yet as Abraham Lincoln once said ‘ the strength of a nation lies in the home’.

Moral deterioration is as great a threat as political crisis, for a stable democracy needs a Christian moral code, but this is not given in most homes, and schools no longer teach Christianity (unless it is a private school). They are given much education on sex with particular emphasis on alternative lifestyles, which is why we have such high moral lassitude. Consequently our children are growing up without realising spiritual or moral truths.

When God told Adam and Eve what they should not do He was testing their obedience, but Adam and Eve wanted to do their own thing, and the human race ever after has copied them. God said, ‘you shall not,’ He didn’t say have a think about it, He was positive in His command. His laws bring security and peace as we follow our duty to Him, to parents, society property and marriage. God is a God of reason and mercy. The Commandments are given to make us worthy and happier.

For too long the liberal establishment have influenced society and guided it into a moral abyss. It is time for the Church to stop prevaricating and trying to meet society half way. The Church is the only institution which can offer hope. Politicians have shown how they look after themselves first, and without much moral example, and even royalty has shown a lack of moral action.


God spoke these words, and we should all be ready to agree with Him.

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