Friday 22 April 2016

I sense a distinctly hostile attitude to the United States at present here in England, and as one who has always liked America and its people I am sorry, but nevertheless have to share the feeling due to the visit of who might reasonably be considered to be the worst President America has.

This an assessment strongly felt in Israel where they openly state they have had less support from Obama than any other President. America has also under his leadership surrendered its influence generally, whereas President Putin can claim to have influenced the civil war in Syria and led to a cease fire.

He has come to this country to tell us how we should vote to stay in the European Union when few trust his sincerity, for we think he is more interested in considering American interests if we vote to leave, and is virtually making threats if we do.

Let us remember we are required to pay hundreds of millions of pounds to stay in the Union and have little control in the ruling of our own country. Obama ought to remember 1775 when America objected to paying a tax and did so by causing a war. We do not intend any violence.

American diplomats I understand refuse to pay the legal congestion charge for driving into our capital city, a sum of £9 million pounds having been avoided to date. There is little chance of the U.S.A joining any union, as has been stated much in this country lately, that no country is more protective of its own sovereignty than the USA.

We keep hearing about the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States. What relationship? This is the President who removed the gift of a bust of our great war hero Winston Churchill from the Oval Office as one of his fist tasks. Who also told France they were America’s special friend. When we see a Republican President we might resume the (special?) relationship.

Boris Johnson made the point that taking notice of American advice regarding foreign policy has not been too successful in the past, which encouraged us to join in an illegal war in Iraq which has spawned ISIS, and led to terror attacks over Europe; encouraged Cameron (admittedly with little persuasion necessary) to go gung-ho into Libya and create a disaster in that country.

This is a President who has been a distinct failure in his own country, unable to make his mind up on many important issues; refusing to acknowledge the genocide in Syria and Iraq or to condemn the killers as terrorists.

He will be remembered principally for introducing same sex marriage, forcing employers to provide contraception at their expense, denying schools funding if they don’t allow transgender children to use the bathrooms of their choice, and forcing lovely decent people to give up their businesses for exercising their rights under the Constitution to be able to express their religious beliefs.

On the economic front his country now owes trillions of dollars, he has forced coal mines to close losing valuable sources of energy, and has vetoed a pipeline from Canada which would have assisted America to be independent of other foreign oil supply.

Perhaps one can gain some idea of this man’s ability to advise when he said recently the greatest threat to the planet is
climate change. We have Christians being barbarously killed in the Middle East, savage attacks on European premises, and the threat of terrorists getting hold of a nuclear device; and the world’s spokesman thinks climate change is the major threat. You just couldn’t make it up.

May God bless America, and especially those wonderful evangelical churches.

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