Sunday 21 February 2016

Christian Concern is a Christian Legal Centre formed some years ago to help and represent Christians who have found themselves penalised in some way for expressing their faith. The Chief Executive Officer is Andrea Williams, a barrister and member of the General Synod of the Church if England, and one of the most talented and gifted Christian speakers. Eagerly sought by television stations, she speaks the gospel with an evangelical message with clarity, and in such a manner that is understandable to the most unaware non believer.

When attending the current Synod meeting she had hoped to be called to speak on the Church report on evangelism strategy. I think Andrea was being supremely optimistic in expecting to be called, for her reputation would be well known to the committee, and the last thing they would want to hear would be a speaker with a clear and positive traditional biblical belief.

This was evidence by the fact that Christian Concern had been denied a presence in the lobby of the hall because of alleged (but untrue) lack of space. However, present with a prominent place was a stall manned by LGBT activists, obviously handing out a message contrary to Scripture.

I have always believed General Synod is a tragic waste of time and money. It costs millions with as many members as that of Parliament. One of the favourite actions is to refer to subcommittees, or a future meeting, any decision. They are supposed to support the promotion of the gospel without clearly defining what the gospel they believe in is. There seems to be more concern in falling in line with society’s word than God’s Word.

The Church has an official position against same sex marriage, yet priests are engaging in that with Bishops supporting the same rather than taking disciplinary action, and no one in any leading office has been prepared to say forthrightly that this wrong according to the Bible.

A famous statesman once said that a nation was only as strong as its homes. The very fabric and bedrock of society consists of the family, of one man and woman and children, yet the Archbishops, whose duty it is to set the teaching of the Church, have failed to stress that the law of God takes precedence rather than the law made by man.


A play that portrays Jesus as a transgender woman who refers to God as 'Mum' is to be performed in a Church of England church.

The one-woman play by Jo Clifford, an award-winning Scottish playwright who has herself changed gender, imagines Jesus returning to earth as a 'trans woman' and retelling the parables with a transsexual slant.

At one point, Ms Clifford, who plays Jesus, says: 'I love my Mum.
'I am the daughter of God and almost certainly the son also. My Mum said let there be light and I say I am the light…'

In another, she says: 'Our Mother who art on Earth, blessed is your name.' Against images of gay couples kissing, she continues: 'Give us this day our daily kisses, for yours is the Queendom…'

In the drama, to be staged at St Chrysostom's church in Manchester's Victoria Park as part of the city's Queer Contact festival, the prodigal son is thrown out by his father for wanting a sex change. The Bishop of Manchester has not only the authority to ban this play from being performed in the Church, he has a necessary duty to do so/

Under Church law, clergy have to 'take care' that plays performed in churches are consistent with 'sound doctrine', and clergy who are in doubt should refer the matter to the bishop. The law adds that clergy should obey any 'general directions' the bishop might issue 'from time to time'

I am not in the least surprised anything the bishop of Manchester will not.. The same man supported the holding of a Labour Conference party to be held in the Cathedral. He also called on people to take in refugees whilst declining to do himself; and despite general public support for welfare reform criticised the government’s action.

The devil must be laughing herself at what happens in Manchester

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