Saturday 10 October 2015

We live in a country in which we are supposed to be tolerant to other people. We are to resist all bigotry and prejudice. Recent events have shown however that is unless intolerance and bigotry is against Christians or Christianity; then it is open season Jesus warned that people hated Him and we could expect similar treatment; we are seeing that to be true.

A Muslim man and his family living in one of our big cities decided to become Christians and attend the Church of England. As a result, his car was trashed, his house constantly attacked, and his children bullied at school. The police are stated to be reluctant to classify this as ‘hate crime’.

So let us look at what has been classified by the police and Government Ministers as hate crime, and realise it only seems to be Christians who can offend.

Government Ministers have stated that anyone stating that same sex marriage is wrong are guilty of hate crime.

A street preacher was aggressively challenged by a homosexual man to debate verses from the Bible, when the preacher did so, he was complained against and was prosecuted and heavily fined.

A Christina Minister is being prosecuted for criticising Islam in a Church service sermon.

A baker has been heavily fined for refusing to bake a cake with the words ‘support same sex marriage’

Victoria, who is Head of Forensic Occupational Therapy at a London hospital, was suspended for nine months and then received a written warning following allegations of 'harassment and bullying' by a Muslim staff-member .

The young Muslim woman who complained was a newly qualified occupational therapist under the management of Victoria, who operated a policy whereby any of her team could seek her advice.

In a discussion between the two women the Muslim woman stated she felt God had a plan for her. Over a period of time Victoria invited the woman to go to her Church, and some time after that, when the woman was in hospital, she gave her a book to read about a Muslim woman and her encounter with Christianity.

On a further occasion the woman was distressed about her health and domestic problems and she accepted Victoria’s offer to pray with her.

Subsequently the woman made eight complaints of harassment and bullying, resulting in Victoria being penalised.

An employment tribunal ruled against Victoria, but on appeal a Judge has wisely ruled that it should be recognised in the significance of Victoria’s case there were points of law of public importance. She ruled that the Employment Tribunal should consider whether the original ruling had properly applied the European Convention on Human Rights' strong protection of freedom of religion and expression.

There is enough legislation to cover any improper speech of any kind without more so called crimes being created. It would appear some members of the Government, and especially the Prime Minister, wish to control our thinking and beliefs.

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