Monday 29 June 2015

What motivates these zealots in the Equality Commission, especially in Northern Ireland? We have just had a bakery persecuted for refusing to put a slogan which was offensive to their religious beliefs. The same slogan would be offensive to Muslims, but you can make a safe bet that in such case these zealots would look the other way.

Now we have a Christian Minister being hounded. The Pastor preached a sermon in his large well attended Church in which he stated Islam was heathen, satanic and spawned in hell. He based this statement on what he believed could be proved from the Bible, and was no doubt stirred to anger by the terrible barbaric atrocities being committed in the name of Islam in Syria and Iraq. Many people might feel this was extreme and would choose to use more moderate language if they had similar beliefs.

However, rather than chance their arm by prosecuting him for use from his pulpit, the authorities selected to proceed under the obscure 2003 Communications Act with "sending, or causing to be sent, by means of a public electronic communications network, a message or other matter that was grossly offensive”. This Church is so popular it has to stream its services by video link, so he was acted against on that fact.

The Minister has made it clear he has no dislike of Muslim people, and indeed his church provides funs for the care of 1200 children in Kenya and Ethiopia; he further stated he would not want to see Muslim preachers prosecuted. He had no cause to fear, these equality commissars have no zeal for that.

This Minister is 78 years of age, has diabetes, liver disease and cancer, yet at what will be a great expense he is being taken to Court. The defence has warned they will call many witnesses so it will last for some time, for what ultimate purpose?

There are preachers freely walking the streets of the United Kingdom issuing all manner of hate messages against the infidels of Jews and Christians; the BBC gives them regular invitations. But if a street preacher speaks from the Bible the police response is swifter than their response to any other call.

There are atheists and secularists freely posting grossly offensive remarks about Christians on the internet, yet no action is ever taken against them.

Maybe I have missed something, but I have not seen any comment from Church leaders in defence of this Minister, but I would have thought that this was of more merit than writing about food banks.

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