Wednesday 8 April 2015

Who will you vote for?

David Cameron shamelessly posted a message on a social media site to give the impression he has Christian credentials. I imagine that with the election just a month away, and realising many of the true Conservative supporters are considering voting UKIP, he felt it might get a few more votes.
I thought it would be interesting to hear what he had to say, having noticed that at Easter a Christian message was omitted from the website of No 10, despite all other faiths having a message when their religious festivals were being held.
Having started off saying how important Christianity is, and emphasising this is a Christian country, he unbelievably stated the ‘right to have freedom of belief’. So let us consider the record of HIS government since taking Office in 2010.

A family doctor removed from an adoption panel for believing children need a mother and father.

A Government minister makes a submission to the European Court saying that wearing a Cross is not a manifestation of the Christian faith.

A Govern minister submits to the same Court that saying belief in marriage as between a man and a woman is not a manifestation of the Christian faith.

A judge at an Employment Tribunal rules that keeping Sunday as a day of rest is not a core component of the Christian faith.
The Prime Minister (David Cameron) passionately introduces same sex marriage into law despite it not being in the Party’s Manifesto, and despite him prior to the election saying he would not do so.

Street preachers arrested in London, Perth, Cumbria, Basildon, just for declaring their faith.

Pal Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, bans a Christian organisation for declaring opposition to homosexuality, but allows homosexual support group to promote its message on London buses. Then in an appeal gives contradictory evidence.

Parliament, with the Prime Minister’s support, approves genetically modified babies but rejects explicit ban on gender abortion.

When the Prime Minister was asked in Parliament if he would support a conscience clause in the same sex marriage bill, he aggressively refused to do so.

And Christians are asked to vote ‘Conservative’? Perhaps when the Party has a new leader.

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