Tuesday 31 March 2015

What has happened in the (so called) Land of the free?

Any person listening casually to the radio or reading certain American newspapers would come to the conclusion that the State of Indiana had been taken over by a totalitarian dictatorship. The Governor Mike Spence has been castigated because a law has been introduced which gives consideration to those people of Christian persuasion who do not wish to be dictated to by the homosexual lobby. Consequently all hell has broken loose. Protests with banners lead what is blatant bullying oppression.

There is unrestricted freedom for homosexual people to live their lifestyle as they wish, but too many are not satisfied with that, they now wish to force others to bow to their wishes and in so doing violate their own faith and beliefs. Provided no one acts in an offensive or discourteous manner, provision must be made for people to decline to subscribe to what is contrary to their way of life.

In such disputes, there can be a merciless attitude displayed. A 70 years old florist in Washington has just been fined $1000 for not providing a floral display for a same sex wedding. Not content with a successful Court action, the men are seeking penalties, fees and costs which would not only close the florist’s business, but leave her penniless for retirement.

The inappropriate named American Civil Liberties Union are acting for the two men, with the general message to those who oppose, ‘surrender YOUR religious liberty and free speech rights, or face personal and professional ruin.’

A similar case occurred in England when two men were refused a room in a privately owned bed and breakfast house. The owners were devout Christians who took the same action against people of opposite sex if they were not married, so there was no sexual discrimination. In this country (Britain) we have an anti-Christian judiciary at the moment,(with a Prime Minister who leaves much to be desired), and the owners were taken to Court and fined. Again, not satisfied, the two men sued civilly and were awarded damages of £3,000, to which they first declined in demand of double, and
only withdrew when criticised by their friends. The couple lost their home and business in consequence.

Britain faces much the same problem as America. Some few years ago a Muslim preacher, banned from his Mosque, preached to his followers in a London Street with Police facilitating him doing so. Anti homosexual views were often voiced by him, and other Muslim preachers on radio and in public meetings, using expressions such as all homosexuals should be thrown off a cliff into the sea. No action was taken against them.

Now to a Court in Somerset where a CHRISTIAN street preacher appears after a Police Sergeant had asked local people to watch for this man, photo him and record anything he says so we can prosecute him.

The preacher had quoted a verse from the Bible and was approached aggressively by a man claiming to be homosexual who reported him to the Police. The Police acted with unusual speed to arrest the preacher for such a serious crime as quoting a Bible verse which upset someone. Residents in Taunton must wish the Police would act with alacrity in solving real crime.

The preacher appeared before a Muslim Judge who re-interpreted a verse in Leviticus which the preacher had quoted, to rule against the preacher. Why the preacher chose to use such a verse I cannot understand when there could be no misinterpretation of Romans 1 or Jude.

We are currently awaiting a Judge’s decision in a case in Belfast where a bakery declined to bake a cake including the words, ‘support gay marriage’. A homosexual activist had sought this bakery probably knowing their strong Christian beliefs. They were not challenging his sexuality, they just would not include those words.

Whilst same sex marriage is not legal in Northern Ireland, the Equality Commission have determinedly jumped in to take Court action against the bakery. The Chief Commissioner is quoted as saying, ‘Christians should either look at the law or maybe that (baking) is not the business they should be in. His suggested solution was that Christians should effectively stop being printers, florists or bakers.’ There you have tolerant equality Northern Ireland style, with the law decided by some puffed up bureaucrat.

What we are in effect creating, is a protected human species.

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