Sunday 15 February 2015

God said, (to Israel), ‘for you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the earth to be His people’. (Deuteronomy 7 v6)

A Vicar in the Church of England has for a number of years carried out a very anti-Jewish campaign on his social media site. Recently he appears to have overstretched himself by going too far by alleging that Jews were somewhere complicit in the 9/11 attacks in America. This has resulted in him being suspended from social media sites by his new Bishop, something that the previous bishop should have dome. He has openly supported those groups opposed to Israel.

I cannot understand why any ordained priest (or Minister of other Christian faiths) can attack Israel, especially one who claims to be evangelical. We worship the God if Israel; we worship a Jewish Saviour, and preach from a book written by Jews.

Last month the world remembered the Holocaust and the 70th anniversary of the freeing of Auschwitz, with the recalling of the horrors and scenes of heartbreaking emotions. It is almost impossible to imagine any human committing such atrocities against another human simply because one was a Jew.

History has been amended or erased from people’s minds, that in 1938 the American President Roosevelt called an International Conference in Geneva to discuss what action could be taken to save the Jewish people from persecution in Germany. Of the 82 nations attending, only the Dominican Republic offered to help Jews into their country. This was seen by the Nazis as a free hand being given, and Hitler boasted that the Jews would disappear.

In 1948 as the Jews began to return to the land of their inheritance in Israel, despite opposition, they faced a land which Mark Twain once described as a wasteland. The country was swamp filled with malaria rampant, which the new Jewish settlers wiped out without using chemicals, and planted vineyards, growing citrus fruits, creating cherry tomatoes and special shed to protect products from the climate.

Over the years Jews have dominated in major professions.
In the world of medicine pioneering cancer treatment, creating vaccines, restoring sight with the bionic eye, treatment for diabetes with insulin, and aspirin for pain.
In the world of science and technology, produced chips for telephones, keyboards; Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, and won more Nobel peace prizes than any other nation.
In the world of arts and banking they have excelled.
In all these fields they have been ready to share their knowledge with other nations.

It is the only real democracy in the Middle East, and the only nation where Christians can display their faith without arrest or persecution.

They were God’s chosen people from the first Biblical times, and God promised that as long as the earth existed He would never abandon them, and history has shown when world leaders rejected Israel, they were not leaders for very long after. The only nation that has offered support to Israel is America, and only under the present President, who seems to favour the other side, is that in jeopardy. (He doesn’t appear to be very successful either now)

We are now seeing a new wave of anti Semitism spreading across Europe the old Juden frei is replaced by Zionistfrei. Protests are being organised to boycott Jewish shops, and in Leicester (England), references were made of Israeli impurity, and several places have refused to stock products made in Israel. The irony is that is that the factories in Israel employ Arab labour so giving employment to many who would otherwise have none.

Sadly people are being led astray by zealots who have some unjustifiable hatred of Jews without a corresponding reason for that feeling. The bbc. is noted for its anti Israeli bias, and one reported was allowed to go uncensored after offending a Jewish lady he interviewed.

Israel, like any other nation is not perfect and when attacked can be very aggressive in retaliation, but invariably it is another nation which first starts aggression. If Scottish Nationalists started lobbing rockets on to England, as some of them it would seem would like to do, there is no doubt we would start lobbing them back.

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