Tuesday 27 January 2015

Last week I wrote about the fact that our Archbishops were more vocal about economic issues than cases where Christians were being discriminated against; and practices were occuring which were distinctly opposed to Christian values and standards.

I read that writer from a Conservative party website had written an article for the Times newspaper in similar vein, but in more strident terms. This caused one commentator to voice criticism that the Archbishop of Canterbury was being unfairly treated.

I accept that Justin Welby is a nice and kind man who works hard and travels much, and also makes many sermons, most of which go unnoticed beyond his particular audience. But I am sure if he was as forceful in protesting at the treatment of Christians and anti-Christian practices as he is when speaking about Wonga, food banks and Credit Unions, many Christians would feel happier and encouraged.

A short while back eighteen bishops wrote a letter to the ‘Times’ referring to the number of people having to use food banks. There are a few regular bishop writers pursuing social matters, which one could normally assume were the province of politicians. No one can deny them the right to also comment, but one could expect the same protestations when Christians are treated with disdain by politicians, judiciary, and over egotistic public officials.

Consider, for example, some dreadful cases over the past few weeks. A man in his spare time held a board condemning same sex marriage and was suspended from his job.

A Muslim woman went to a Christian colleague with a personal problem and the friend tried to help her, but in doing so used Christian words. Although the Muslim woman did not have complaint, she was pressurised by anti Christian attitudes of other (non Muslim) women into making a complaint against her friend. This resulted in the (Christian) woman having her career prospects damaged and led to her being transferred to a lesser work.

This means that Christians are the victims of political correctness gone berserk, and work places become like vocal minefields, where people cannot even hold dearly held beliefs without threats of penalisation. Where is the free speech our politicians were bleating about last week?

A long serving magistrate passed his opinion in a private discussion that a child being placed for adoption should be placed in a man/woman home rather than in a same sex partnership. He was complained against and the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor were so horrified they took action against him.

The magistrate was the victim here of prejudice and ideological grounds by the very people who complained and want to force a climate in which alternative relationships are enforced. It has been well documented by sociologists and child specialists that children should be brought up by a mother and father wherever and whenever that option exists

Now we have a programme being initiated by what is called CHIPS, Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools. In this unbelievable outrageous programme children of tender years are made to participate in cross gender dressing, creating a wedding scene featuring two men and screening a US news item about a 7-year old boy, who identifies as a girl, winning a legal battle to use the girls' toilets at school. Children are being worked on in the classroom, to praise a particular sexual orientation. Policies have been developed and teaching is being delivered that did not involve any consultation with parents.

The Education Secretary has closed a school and put another one under special measures after in one a young girl did not know what a lesbian meant. Other questions were asked by Inspectors of a diverse nature to young children. It would be more appropriate for the Education Secretary to be put under special measures.

These are the matters we should expect our Christians leaders to be speaking out on. It appears the only man prepared to come out and do so is Bishop Nazir-Ali.

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