Wednesday 5 November 2014

I have just seen the morning’s papers and found the Republicans have done so well in the United States elections. Whilst it was widely forecast, it has now been proved how unpopular Barack Obama is as the nation’s President. I could never understand why the American public ever voted for him in the first place, he was obviously a political actor from the start with his staccato like phrases and dramatic pauses. America is a great country and has assumed (rightly) the role of leading the world’s freedom. Under Obama’s time it has lost a lot of its moral authority, as the world sees a leader who has no qualities of leadership.

Like Obama Mark 2 in Britain with his publicity obsession and the ever seeking photo opportunity, David Cameron has been an equal disaster, pouring money we haven’t got into countries which are engaging on pursuits we could never think of doing. We withhold financial aid to any country which penalises homosexual acts, yet take no action against those countries which sentence Christians to death for simply being Christian.

Whilst the prospect of the Labour Party winning next year’s election is a horrendous thought and prospect, at least there would be the satisfaction of seeing David Cameron looking for a new job.

Cameron has boasted of his pride in getting his passion for same sex marriage legalised, just as Barack Obama has done so in the United States. We have now witnessed what has happened there, should make Cameron do a little reflection and preparation for life after May next year.

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