Wednesday 25 June 2014

How the West was (won)Lost

In 1962 a spectacular movie called ‘how the West was won’ was made, with a host of stars, telling the story of how pioneers from New York and the East coast made their way across the vast American lands to reach the Pacific. The story has thrilled many people with the tale, and the names which will last through the nation’s history gloriously; but will future generations look back at the present era and see how the West has been lost, view it as an inglorious chapter over the Obama presidency.

Because the influence of America over the years has become so all pervading, and most of it has been good and commendable, nevertheless the not so welcome has also been adopted.

Like his ardent admirer in Britain (David Cameron), the present president who has earned the distinction of being the lowest rating president, has systematically destroyed the Christian tradition of that great country with his passion for ‘gay rights’ and a determination to encourage States to adopt same sex marriages. We have the same here of course where a person faces some form of penalty if they dare criticise same sex marriage.

America was founded by godly men and their Declaration of Independence was formed by men who trusted in God and created that hallowed phrase 'in God we trust'. Britain too has a long Christian heritage with our laws and values based thoroughly on Christian principles. We have recently seen celebrations to commemorate the landings in Europe on D Day seventy years ago when so many young men from both our countries lost their lives and many more were injured severely. I wonder what their reaction would be to events in our nations.

Not content with pushing and encouraging same sex marriage, he has extended that passion to creating laws that will mean some charities will not be able to deal with federal contractors due to employers being forced to accept employees irrespective of their religious beliefs. He also plans to extend family leave to gay couples. In addition employers are being forced to provide contraception facilities for employees regardless of religious beliefs.

As I understand it he is acting rather like a dictator than a President, as he has acted beyond his constitutional authority in excluding Congressional approval. We can be reasonably sure that what Obama does to day, Cameron will try to do to-morrow.

I read lawyers are reticent to defend people who have criticised same sex marriage, and in colleges and universities in America, left wing political correctness prevails over open debate. A baker is even told what kind of wedding cake he can make and what he cannot, after refusing to bake a wedding cake with two male figures on.

In the nation’s Cathedral a special service was held for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender people, hosted by a bishop who had divorced his wife and abandoned his children to marry another man, who he has now divorced, and the Dean of the Cathedral thinks it a wonderful event. And we wonder why people are being turned off Christianity?

The same liberal attitudes are being introduced here. As I write, a woman from England is appearing before the European Court of Human Rights. This lady worked in a shop at London airport and she defended a friend who was mocked for wearing a Cross, and when Muslim workers who said it offended Islam complained against her, her employers dismissed her. An employment tribunal upheld the dismissal and now she is appealing to Europe.

Anyone here speaking about same sex marriage is likely to have action taken against them. Street preachers face being arrested for just speaking Bible verses. Christians are prevented from expressing their faith by symbol or dress, a restriction not applied to other faiths.

Whilst these restrictions apply to Christians, no action is taken when Muslims make the same observations. This is no doubt due to the fact that the same authorities who harass Christians know they will not be allowed to do so without reaction. When we Christians show the same commitment to out faith as the followers of Islam commendably do to their faith, we too will be respected and appreciated.

One certain factor is that Islam would not allow their holy book to be so abused, mocked and ridiculed as we allow the Bible to be by so called comedians and satirists, whose inane comments, and often language, would not appeal to more intelligent people.

Christians could help the Christian cause if they supported Christian Concern Charity which does so much to assist Christians who are made to suffer discrimination or dismissal on account of their beliefs. They also strive to promote the Christian gospel.

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