Monday 19 May 2014

On Thursday next the country has the choice of voting to elect members to serve in the European Parliament. This election does not usually attract many people but I hope it will do so this year. I personally hope the United Kingdom Independence Party sweep the board.

The manner in which the Press has attacked that party has been deplorable. Nigel Farage has been vilified for saying things which most people consider factual, but which the Press have so blatantly twisted to make him sound a militant racist, yet other even more established politicians have been far more outspoken.

For instance, Farage stated openly that Romanians were more likely to commit crime than other nationalities. He also said Germans were more likely to be accepted than Romanians. For this he was castigated in every paper I have seen, and James O’Brien from London Radio wrote an article in the Daily Mail criticising him for racial remarks. This is the same O’Brien who, when interviewing the Archbishop of Canterbury recently, called African people ‘less enlightened’ because they opposed same sex marriage.

The Attorney General referred to people coming from some countries where corruption is endemic; Jack Straw spoke of Pakistani men targeting white girls, both remarks accepted because they were generally considered to be true. Yet no campaign was waged against them.

The Daily Mail stated in 2013 that 27,000 Romanians had been detained for criminal offences. The same nationality has been criticised in the Sun newspaper and Daily Express.

I have always considered the Daily Mail a fine paper, but its recent vicious campaign against UKIP has been unworthy of such a prestigious newspaper.

At least when Nigel Farage speaks you can think he means what he says, which is more than you can with other leaders.

Think; David Cameron prior to his last election comment stated he had no intention of introducing same sex marriage. David Cameron promised a Consultation on the subject and totally ignored the result. Be a Conservative and vote UKIP.

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