Tuesday 1 April 2014

On Saturday same sex unions became lawful and we had the usual Cameron appearance making the rather silly remark that this was ‘a historic day’. I don’t suppose we could expect much better from him. We had the equally useless Clegg ordering the rainbow flag to be flown from government buildings. All this shows that these two overgrown schoolboys have let things excite them too much. They can be dismissed as having gone overboard for the sake of votes, whilst at the same time refusing to acknowledge the many who did not and do not support this law. Of course we will have an outburst of bigotry when anyone who does oppose will be abused and insulted. Such is so called democracy that we must all accept the outcome.

What cannot be excused is the behaviour and language of the bishops of Buckingham and Salisbury engaging in excessive welcome of such ceremonies and equating them with marriage. Encouragement was offered to those who supported such unions and calls made for the Church to reject the ban on Church ceremonies.

When these bad examples of priests, let alone bishops, make such pronouncements they should be reminded when they were consecrated to posts they have dishonoured they stated their willingness to faithfully exercise themselves in the holy Scriptures and with all faithful diligence to banish and drive away all erroneous and strange doctrine contrary to God’s Word and call upon and encourage others to the same. They are given a Bible and told to think upon the things contained in that Book. They obviously haven’t done so well.

In the matter of integrity, loyalty and honour, they show a deplorable lack of such qualities. The Archbishops and Church establishment have made their ruling and if they cannot abide it, I would expect any honourable person would resign. Be sure that is not going to happen.

Little, if any, publicity has appeared in the press to represent the views and opinions of opponents of same sex ‘marriage’. The following might well be considered.

Marriage was redefined over the heads of the 24 million married people in this country.

None of the three main political parties at Westminster made redefining marriage part of their election manifesto. It was not even in the coalition agreement.

Three days before the 2010 General Election, David Cameron told Sky News he had no plans to change the law of marriage.

The only consultation was on 'how' to redefine marriage, not 'whether' to.

The Government ignored the 500,000 names and addresses of UK residents on our C4M petition. They weren’t accepted as responses to the consultation.

Since the Government’s online response form was anonymous, anyone anywhere in the world could submit a response, as many times as they liked.

The consultation ruled out religious same-sex weddings. But when the Bill was published religious ceremonies were included.

This exposed religious organisations to the threat of hostile legal action, with one gay couple already publicising their intention to go to court to get a C of E wedding.

Though he still backs gay marriage, David Cameron has admitted he would never have gone ahead had he known the level of opposition that would be stirred up

The implications of redefining marriage have not been thought through. The Government agrees that people’s careers shouldn’t be damaged just because they believe in traditional marriage – yet the protections in place are completely insufficient.

A teacher was threatened with disciplinary proceedings because she said in the staff room that she believed in traditional marriage.

A couple wanting to adopt children were told they were unsuitable because they supported traditional marriage.

Just recently the Government stripped familiar words like husband, wife and widow from a raft of our laws simply because these words don't line up with the Government's new definition of marriage.

Only 16 out of 193 nations have done so.

Marriage – between a man and a woman – is the greatest partnership in history. It reflects the complementary natures of men and women.

Time and time again the evidence has shown that children do best with a married mother and a father

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