Thursday 7 November 2013

As we gather once again on this special day, our minds remember the great sacrifices made by men/women who gave their lives serving in the Armed Forces, and others who were injured and disabled for life.

As the years roll by, the number of those who were alive during the last World War grows ever smaller, reducing by the year. But the memories do not fade, as we recall how this nation stood alone on the brink when all seemed to be lost and there was even talk of surrender. Yet God raised up a man who would rally the nation to perform such heroic deeds.

Sadly, so many young people do not, and will not, try to learn of this glorious chapter of our history, never having had to endure the horrors and hardship of war. Such has been the direction of education in recent years in (state) schools, they have little or no knowledge of what was done that they may have all the privileges they now enjoy.

There have been conflicts since 1945 in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, but they have been localised and have not intruded on so many lives in this country.

But we think of those shot down over German skies
perished on a French beach; tortured in a Japanese prisoner camp, drowned in deep waters. This causes us to think of honour and sacrifice, with a requirement to be remembered.

Now we have to add those who perished and have been injured, on the streets of Iraq, or blown up on dusty Afghan roads.

We all long for peace and to be able to walk the streets without fear; to be free from crime and violence, to be safe in our own homes.

But a greater peace is that which is with God. The world has largely rejected Christianity, without having anything to put in its place to combat the evils of the world. All we hear today is about ‘human rights,’ yet in all walks of public life, even to the highest level of government, we have flagrant lying, deceit, corruption and unrestricted immorality. Such conduct sends out an entirely wrong message to the young and gullible.

We have a Prime Minister educated at one of the most elite schools in the world, elected to the highest Office in the land as leader of a most reputable political party, (whose traditions and beliefs he betrays) whose principal passion was to destroy and abuse the bedrock of any society and legislate for same sex marriage. Even after doing so, he made promises and gave assurances which any intelligent person with half a brain realises can’t be honoured. Consistent research reveals it is not only the bedrock of society, but makes a better environment for family life.

This nation was built on the solid foundation of God’s law, it was the basis of our legal system. Our nation’s future depends on all accepting the standards laid down in God’s Holy Word. That is what men fought and died for and what men and women are doing now in our Army, Navy and Air Force.

What would the men and women who fought and suffered, some unto death, say if they knew what things were going on this country now? Would they wonder if their great sacrifices were worthwhile as they looked at us? How disillusioned, as they looked at their injuries and saw people making huge compensation claims for minor injuries, and taking legal action for hurt feelings caused by mere words.

How horrified they would be if they knew we have to rely on young people from other countries coming to do essential work in this country because many people here do not consider they have to work but instead claim their right to be supported on benefits supplied by the state,

How would they feel to hear some jumped up public official refusing to let the flag they fought under be displayed lest it upset people not even born here, people who in fairness would not think of complaining.

How would they react to our Courts allowing men to remain in this country who are intent on causing explosions to damage and injure as part of a religious crusade.

Meanwhile Christians are being pursued through the Courts, in which judges have declared must not treat Christianity with any particular respect. It is therefore intensely important, that we should positively let people know the true message, according to God’s Holy Word, and identify that which is plainly wrong in life.

We have a society which is encouraged to forsake a Christian consensus and live, not by Christian principles, which lead to health and wholeness of body, mind and spirit, and permits people to live at peace and enjoy their lives, but by substituting other principles.

We are submerged in a world that is committed to falsehood, which is why we are called to proclaim the truth.

If ever the Word of God was needed it is never more so than now. It calls for people to turn back to God who is ready and able to meet the needs of everyone who turns to Him. The message we have for the world is centred upon the person of Jesus Christ.

Remembrance Sunday will find people in all our Churches who would not normally be there, thus revealing a spiritual content in their lives. Indeed, almost all people have some spiritual longing. There are so many of these people who would be of enormous value to the Church and who in turn could add so much to their lives. Whilst the majority may not be willing to accept it, we all need a spiritual life. We need God and the forgiveness, which He offers in Jesus Christ. Without this our souls are restless. The only obstacle is a lack of motivation.

Many people are like the two British soldiers who found themselves lost in the deserts of Iraq. They eventually came across a two star American General in his jeep. As they approached him they didn’t even bother to salute and simply blurted out ‘excuse me mate, can you tell us where we are?’ The General took umbrage at their casual attitude and sternly replied, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ at which one of the soldiers turned to the other and said, ‘Now we are in real trouble, we don’t know where we are and he doesn’t know who he is!’

Neither do we know who we are and why we are here, so we just live for today and who cares about tomorrow. And that is how we will remain unless there is some communication from the outside, from the One who has made us. A godless self-centred life is a fruitless and empty one.

We need a spiritual revival, which God is challenging us to make. However, there is reluctance within some Churches to preach a vibrant Biblical message for fear of being criticised as being offensive to other faiths. Such reluctance is not reciprocated. People, I believe, are longing for and wanting spiritual leadership

May we, on this special day, well remember the sacrifices others made that we might be here at this hour. We must never ever forget the lives of so many gallant young men and women given that we may have peace in our lives.

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