Saturday 24 August 2013

Stories from the Press.
The Archbishop of Canterbury whilst visiting Mexico made a speech criticising divisions in the Anglican Churches across the world, stating the Church was tottering on the brink of complete disintegration amid bitter disputes between liberals and traditionalists, coming close to plunging into a ravine of intolerance. In what was a strange and puzzling analogy, he likened the atmosphere to that which existed during the Civil War in England.

Churches will, and have a right to do so, feel his remarks are both offensive and completely out of order. To suggest that the behaviour of the Church was like a drunken man staggering to the edge of a cliff is immoderate. The Archbishop was referring to divisions over issues such as homosexuality. I am sure the Churches in Africa and Asia believe they are on sure footing as they proceed on a biblical foundation.

Perhaps if the Archbishop was more firm himself and tell us what his views are it might be more appropriate. In the House of Lords he spoke against the same sex marriage bill, but later began to waver. To my knowledge he has not declared whether he would sanction the ordination of a homosexual priest in an active relationship with another man. Until he makes his decisions on complex issues known it would be wiser not to pass adverse criticism elsewhere.

He is quoted as saying the issues being fought over are incomprehensible to people outside the Church, On that I would not disagree, but is this not the Church’s fault for not spelling out in unequivocal terms a definitive statement of belief. Are we to be so influenced by ‘what people outside think’? If we started to quote the Bible more perhaps they might feel comprehensible.

It would have been more accurate to state that liberal Churches are causing all the problems by their determination to dismantle the Bible and re-interpret it to justify a new morality. The Roman Catholic Church sent out a clear message under Pope Benedict in the plainest of terms, it is time the Archbishop takes a similar line and stops sitting on the fence.

Any cause for complaint is due to the fact that there is no one in authority in the Anglican Church who is prepared to come out and say the Bible condemns homosexual behaviour. (A simple truth) This does not justify any intolerance or harassment of any person, which the Church would condemn; it is not passing judgement on any person(s), it is just stating a fact which would clarify the situation for those who might want to know the Bible’s teaching.

It would also be more honourable to state that nowhere in Scripture is there any authority to appoint women as bishops, but the Anglican Church (at least in the West) believes that the Church should follow society and adopt an equal opportunity programme. It is realised this would cause schism between the Anglican against the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, but this is not thought to be a necessary consideration.

The man who is the best Archbishop the Church never had, Bishop Nazir-Ali, has admirably supported the (Girl) Guides who wish to retain God in their pledge. One unit in Yorkshire wants to retain the old wording, but a new leader anxious to make a name and show she is a modern woman, insists there is no place for God.

How sad that comments to the Daily Mail website, which told the story, felt it necessary to express surprise at a Christian leader, making a stand at what was described as the actions of a trendy, left wing feminist.

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