Friday 12 July 2013

Why the Church is important in our national life.

A verse in the Bible asks, ‘when the foundations are being destroyed, what then shall the righteous do?’ which might be applied to the situation we find in the country today.

People are justly angry at the gross dishonesty of MPs. However, this is just another symptom of the moral and spiritual vacuum existing in today’s society, in which we constantly see violence, abuse, fraud and unashamed lying.

At the same time there is a sustained attack on the Christian faith by public servants, anxious to be offended on behalf of other faiths so as to justify blocking any expression of Christianity by word, symbol, or expression. In addition, we are subject to anti-Christian legislation, which is in direct contradiction of Biblical teaching and offends Christian belief. And we are issued with threats if not complied with.

If Britain is to defend its values successfully it must rediscover the Christian faith in which those values are ultimately rooted. When the founding principles are eroded, and the morality and biblical fundamentals are taken away, there is no foundation for society, which is a dangerous thing.

There may be readers who will reject any relevance between the moral collapse and the failure to observe Christian values. I direct you to China, once so anti-Christian but now having more Christians than any other country with the encouragement of their leaders, who state that Christians make better and happier citizens. Our leaders should have such vision.

The Church has much to offer in moral and spiritual help and support, and there is the opportunity of making friendships and to be of help in establishing a good community spirit, especially within the village setting. Most people who criticise the Church have no practical experience, so creating a false impression. Show your support for the Christian faith by visiting your local Church.

The Church does not always receive a good press, largely due to national leaders failing to speak out as forcibly as they might on moral issues. But local Churches are doing so without due recognition

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