Tuesday 9 April 2013

A tribute to a GREAT Lady

What a sad reflection on the young people of Britain has been the deplorable drunken actions by some. The irony of it all is that none of them were alive when she was Prime Minister, and as little is taught about our history in schools with so many left wing teachers, they know virtually nothing about the lady. Naturally they hear politicians like the repulsive George Galloway, known for his lack of patriotism, bellowing vile comment, and other left leaning Members of Parliament with equally hostile feeling, even if put more mildly.

Those of us who were alive during her Premiership will have no hesitation in recognising her greatness, her courage, her resolve, to make Britain great after the debacle of Labour’s mediocre politicians, which left the country like a giant landfill, with people unable to bury their dead relatives. We again became a country which was a major player on the world stage, respected and admired, due entirely to her political brilliance.

Amongst all the comment, favourable and non favourable, a notable omission has been any reference to Margaret’s deep Christian faith. She believed in the ‘Protestant work ethic’, reinforced by evangelical Methodism, the form of Methodism developed by Charles and John Wesley, not the anaemic form preached in too many Methodist Churches. Not for Margaret either the timorous faith espoused by the Church of England. Can you imagine her response to some of the proposals being put forward by the (Western) Anglican Church? (As compared to the evangelicalism of the African and Eastern Churches)

Not for her either would there be tolerated any proposal for same sex marriage, the passion of the present Conservative Party leader. There is no one in the Party who could stand in comparison to her, most of whom are little more than political pygmies alongside her.

Like many I look forward to her funeral, but rather with pride at having been able to experience life during her reign, and the chance to pay in however trivial a way, my respect to a very great lady, national leader, and the greatest of our Prime Ministers.

I trust ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ will permit me to end this post with some words from his excellent blog.

Perhaps no prime minister since Gladstone could have risked telling a journalist that she was ‘in politics because of the conflict between good and evil’, with the conviction ‘that in the end good will triumph’. But it is not her policies which ultimately saved her. It is not her programme of government, her political achievements or her world renown. Margaret Thatcher is saved because Jesus Christ was and is her Lord and Saviour: He paid the price: she is forgiven.

The angels are today rejoicing in Heaven at a pilgrim who has come home. But the name of Margaret Thatcher - The Great Lady - is sure to endure on earth and reverberate throughout human history.

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