Thursday 14 February 2013

Pope Benedict

It was with much sorrow I heard that Pope Benedict has decided it is time for him to retire. I understand fully the reasons and sympathise with him, but I feel this is a great loss to the Christian Church (universal) and not only to the Roman Catholic Church.

When Cardinal Ratzinger was elected as Pope there was much wailing by the liberal minded and we heard the abuse that he was the Rottweiler man. Paradoxically that was as much a compliment as abusive, for it was stating here was a man steeped in tradition and a conservative theologian who was saying all that true Christians wanted to hear.

Pat Robertson, the celebrated television evangelist and founder of the Christian Broadcasting |Network, described the Pope as a great scholar, brilliant theologian and thoroughly biblical. Many of us would support that tribute.

When the Pope came to Britain he received rapturous receptions at each venue and even when passing through cities. At the Masses he celebrated hundreds of thousands attended, and they were not all Catholics. Which other religious leader in the world could match this?

How I wish the Anglican Church had or did have such a charismatic leader, and one able to speak so positively about the increasing secularisation, and not afraid to speak about morality (and the lack of it) with biblical frankness.

(I see David Cameron was praising him. What a pity he didn’t try practising what the Pope has said)

I join the many who wish him a very happy retirement.

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