Saturday 8 December 2012

A shameful action
Eighteen months ago, with a seeming rush of blood to his head, David Cameron announced at the Conservative Party Conference that he was going to legislate for gay marriage. This must have been a shock to the members gathered as it was contrary to all recognised Conservative policy. Thousands more around the country felt the same, and wondered what ploy he was up to.

Realising the opposition, he announced there would be a consultation about the proposal, and the subsequent result shocked him this time. Over 600,000 people signed a petition against it. True to Cameron’s style of democracy, he announced whilst the Consultation period was still in being, that legislation would be introduced, and stated falsely that most people were in favour. He even quoted opinion poll figures to support his assertion, which was strongly contradicted by the poll organiser.

When the Churches made their feelings known he promised Churches would be exempted, but again this impostor of being a Conservative has now stated the legislation would authorise Churches to perform same sex marriages, but stated he guaranteed 100% that they would not be forced to and legislation would enshrine this. Further, the legislation will be rushed through in the New Year, this is because he is frightened of the strength of the opposition and wants to get it done quickly.

If anyone feels reassured by his guarantee they are either naïve at best or at worst completely foolish. He is like the con man who issues a cheque knowing it will bounce. European law states that if any state has in existence an Equality and Diversity law, which Britain has, then there could be no exemptions.

What will assuredly happen is that some same sex couple will be refused a marriage in the Church, (even perhaps a set up) and will run to the Human Rights Court and win their case. Compensation will be applied, for as well as the right to have a ceremony, and Cameron will refuse to accept responsibility saying it was not his fault, the European Court overruled him. David Cameron whatever other faults he has, such as posing as a Conservative or making false promises, is not stupid and will know full well his guarantee is worthless.

This man for some cheap stunt to show he is ‘cool’ in the modern idiom will cost the Tories the next election. Comments in the hundreds have been made on the internet by those who believe in traditional marriage. I only wish our Anglican leaders were as forceful in condemnation as the Roam Catholic leaders have been.

No bible believing Christian could support same sex marriage, just search the Scriptures, but then few Members of Parliament could seriously claim to be Christian in the full sense of the term.

Whilst it was expected that the Liberal Democrats would be in total support of such legislation, and Labour members largely in favour, a vast number of Conservative members are opposed, and if Cameron had any respect for his party he would have consulted them. As one lady Conservative stated seemingly aptly, he and his friend are two posh boys completely out of touch with ordinary people. Other Conservative members have used the word ‘arrogant’, and who could quarrel with them.

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