Wednesday 14 November 2012

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is one you expect to be a man of probity and integrity, not giving to words of intemperance or exaggeration, certainly not to making misleading or false representations, especially if a Conservative Chancellor. Yet George Osborne risibly suggested that if the Tories were to have a hope of winning the next General Election, they would have to legislate for same sex marriage. This is so ridiculous it is hardly credible.

In order to justify such nonsense he quoted the fact that four States in America voted in favour of such action, and this was the cause of Obama’s victory, but failed most noticeably to state that thirty one States rejected such a proposal, and in one case in North Carolina, the opponents of same sex marriage were outspent on a ratio of 4-1.

He then went on to state that the majority of people wanted same sex marriage to be enacted, which again is not borne out by polls. ComRes reported that such legislation would cost the Tories 30 seats at an election losing 1.1 million votes. In addition, 70% of people voted in favour of traditional marriage in another poll, and a petition organised by The Coalition for Marriage attracted over 611,000 supporters, the most ever recorded for a petition.

The Conservative Party Conference held fringe meetings on a variety of topics, but an opportunity of discussing same sex marriage was not held or allowed to be held.

The Prime Minister promised to hold a Consultation period for people to state their views, but has acted in a way which would shame the most totalitarian regime by stating, with Ministerial colleagues, whilst the Consultation was in progress, and before any analysis or consideration has been given, that legislation WOULD be made and it is rather a question of when not if. Such is democracy Cameron style.

The Anglican Church has been described as homophobic for opposing by the Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone, and ‘Stonewall’, the Lesbian and Gay Organisation recently showed its idea of free speech. At a ceremony where awards were given for various activities, one award was named as ‘bigot of the year.

The nominees for this award were a man who likened gay people to Nazis, calling them gaystapo; another who called same sex marriage as deviant behaviour; a man who said a gay man died because he was gay; and a man who supported a call to kill gay people. Despite this list of people with attitudes of extreme views, the man they named as bigot of the year was the Cardinal Archbishop of Glasgow, Keith O’Brien who gave a reasoned theological answer against same sex marriage based of course on Scripture.

The liberal minded people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg, etc and Stonewall do not so much object to others having a different opinion, they just don’t think you should have an opinion, least of all to dare to express it.

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