Sunday 22 July 2012

Female Vicar to sample drugs.

It is reported that a female Vicar is to take the drug ecstasy in a television programme along with other drug takers to judge the effects. This being so it is shameful and if she is identified should be hauled before her Bishop and informed of her lack of responsibility and disciplined. This is a stupid and outrageous prank well beyond the bounds of acceptability. She should think of the message it sends out to young and weak minds.

There are too many men and women who have been ordained into the Church of England who appear to think that because of their occupation it gives them the opportunity to do things that they would not otherwise be able to do. This reveals a total lack of respect for their Office and lack of dignity. If these people wish to be television personalities they should do so by other means. They are just a disgusting lot of people seeking a few minutes of fame that their own abilities are not capable of attaining.

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