Thursday 17 May 2012

I discovered last week that the Baptist Times was no longer in print but was now published on the internet. This was a pleasant surprise as I felt I could now read it, but the surprise turned when I did so. I had always imagined the Baptists to be more evangelical and committed than other denominations but one story disillusioned me.

The Crematorium in Bath (England) replaced a window which contained a Cross with one of plain glass and no Cross. The local Council were approached and came out with the usual nonsense we expect these days from public officials that it was to avoid offending other faiths. (These people need to be constantly reminded we are a Christian country) Other faiths however stated they had not objection which reveals how ridiculous the Council was.

When the Baptist people contacted the Council, it is alleged they spoke to the local Bishop who did not object (no surprise there then). But what amazed me was the Baptist people discussed the matter and half are said to have felt it right that other faiths should be considered and the other half did not think it worth fighting.

I mentioned my surprise at their attitude and it was pointed out to me that I have been seeing Baptists in the image of the (American)Southern Baptists and not all Baptists are quite as strong, especially in Britain. Whilst it is true I do tend to wander to such American sites, I am still amazed that any Christians would adopt such a negative attitude.


Strange how some silly people walk right into trouble.

A religious blogger displayed an advertisement in support of keeping marriage in its traditional meaning and some homosexual activists objected to the Advertising Standards Authority who sent a most objectionable letter demanding answers. The blogger was not one to be bullied and answered them in his own inimitable way virtually telling them what they could do with their letter. This attracted media attention causing the Authority to shamefacedly back down and give out ‘I didn’t mean it that way’ sort of excuses.

What was displayed was the attitude of the so-called ‘gay lobby’ and officialdom that it is all right for them to shout their message but traditionalists must keep silent.

Once again we see how much ‘free speech’ in Britain means.

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