Tuesday 3 April 2012

I was talking about the Church to a young lady who is a very intelligent young lady, brought up in a Christian home, who has attended Church from a very young age. She said she thought the Church of England would die out in Britain within the foreseeable future, as many young people had little interest if any in it. It was said that young people cannot understand why there is all the arguing about women bishops and homosexual clergy, as young people have no problem with these issues. (She might have been right to say many young people have no moral boundaries) The liberal establishment would no doubt see this as an endorsement of their views, but rather it is a general condemnation of the Church and the morality of young people.

What such a statement of young people’s views indicates is that the secularist lobby has captured the thinking of the younger generation, and in view of the Church having failed to challenge them, has allowed it to become the accepted view, without the alternative moral and spiritual message being given powerfully.

It has been said many times that the dear old Church of England is dying, but it still lives, even if on its last legs. One reason of course for the Church not taking on the secular and humanist lobby and challenging them is that too many within hold lax moral beliefs totally out of line with Scripture.

The Church would have been fulfilling its mission more fully if they had been more vocal on the way all moral values have been getting eroded, which in turn has caused many younger people to see the Church as irrelevant.

Could you imagine Islam taking the same line of thinking? We may not like some of the more militant forms of Islam, but we have to acknowledge there is a high moral outlook not practised outside of that faith. Do you seriously think a Muslim cleric would officiate at a ‘gay wedding’? Indeed, do you think anything would happen if he refused to do so? What the Christianity needs is the passion and commitment of Islam whilst maintaining its own beliefs and creed.

The Church has sold out to the secularists. I read an article in a Sunday newspaper which stated that in the process of selecting a new Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church is to consult on twitter and amongst various organisations. If the date had been 1st April I would have taken it as a joke being played. It really is hard to believe. Which other organisation would allow its Chief Executive to be picked by twitter or non members?

At the present time we have this ridiculous proposal to change the understanding of marriage, and we have the Prime Minister and Equalities Minister assuring the Church that it will not be obliged to perform religious ceremonies. In consideration of the legal experts at their disposal it is reasonable for one to assume they are deliberately misleading the country. European law states that whilst it does not consider same sex unions as marriage, if a member country creates same sex marriage as legal, any Church, synagogue or mosque which refuses to perform a requested ceremony would be breaking anti-discrimination legislation. It would not be the first time politicians have misled the public, and once made law it would be impossible to exact a change.

The Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches have no problem with these issues and neither would the Anglican Church if it paid a little more attention to Scripture.

Whilst the Church should not isolate homosexuals it should point out that it is contrary to God’s teaching. This is irrefutable and no amount of twisting and turning the gospel can alter that fact. It would be hard to justify the appointment of women as bishops even.

We then enter the territory of saying the Bible is out of date, we are in the 21st century, we are more advanced thinkers. If you seriously consider the moral and spiritual state of Western society, are we advanced to our good?

We claim as a Church to have God on our side, do we think He is not powerful or supportive enough to take on the secular and humanist fanatics. Remember the words of Scripture, ‘be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God IS with you’.


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