Thursday 9 February 2012

God bless America

When I began this blog last year, the intention was to reach out to those congregations I had visited where I was often asked for a copy of a sermon which I was not able to give as they were all handwritten notes.  So this was an opportunity to provide full transcripts of Bible passages.

Whilst to my disappointment there has been little response from this audience to my having written weekly sermons, there has been to my real delight and satisfaction, a huge viewing from the United States.  As I am truly fond of America and have for some years studied and followed the evangelical movement in that country, in addition to regularly viewing programmes from the States through the Sky television channels, it has given me enormous pleasure in having a personal following myself.

I hope my readers there will continue their support and hopefully tell friends, and may find time to express comments on this site.

May God bless you.

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